Design Inspiration - keep your personal taste


As designers we are constantly trying to find perfect match, beautiful and useful. We always need an opinion, because we never work for ourselves but for some else, so we have to fight trying to do something that will look ours and that will please our audience.
But sometimes we get lost in this game, and we finishing losing inspiration, and doing things that we dont like, that dont look like ours.

How to keep working without getting lost in the war of design?
When you're a big designer maybe it's easier, because your taste it's like gold and no one will touch it, but when you're beginner and that your boss want you to do exactly what he wants, then it becomes a little bit difficult.

The better way to dont get influenced by other it's to keep a personal project, DO a work only for you, the most selfish thing you can do, and while doing this personal research, dont ask anyone an advice. Dont try to imagine an application for these new creations, keep it secret and let your mind to be free.
Do drawings, photos, mix media, digital or 3d design, do whatever do you think you can call it your ART.

Create for your pleasure, create for your self, create your TASTE.
Then do a portifolio of those projects, taking a look of everything together you're going to find yourself.

Rodrigo Conceicao dos Santos
The Visual Worker

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