Don't let big brands control you! Print your own design in your memories!

Take a look around yourself, focus your attention on everything that you can call visual, pay attention in the designs that surround you.
What can you see?
We're surrounded by big brands, posters, fliers and ad material from the same big brands, and it became so natural that we don't even consciously pay attention, but somewhere in your mind it remains.
This marketing strategy is most of the time used only by big companies, why? Because it costs too much. Being everywhere allows them to be part of the society, and unconsciously you are going to choose them instead of another brand. Try to remember in how many important parties and family meetings coca-cola was on the table. Maybe you never tried to think about it, but somewhere in you're memory IT IS THERE.
So let's rock, let's modify this, let's bug the system, let's put our own designs in our own minds, it's not such that difficult, you just need a big marker, and each time you see a brand trying to be part of your life, take control and print your own brand on it! Everyone deserves his personal design!
See you!

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