Use email marketing to promote your business

Today we're talking about email marketing. Lots of people think that this is an old e-marketing tool. Things have changed, email services filter spam and people receive hundreds of emails everyday. But emkt remained a good tool, but you should know how to build it.
So Why Email Marketing?
Permission based email marketing (this means that you're not going to buy email lists, and get your own customers/contacts list) is one of the most affordable, personal, direct and effective ways to:
  • Build a loyal, permission based community that’s interested in you.
  • Grow and enhance your relationship with them.
  • Make them into advocates and raving fans.
  • Share information in an immediate, targeted, and very easy way.
One of the biggest factors in the success or failure of email marketing is building a clean, current, dedicated email database that gives you permission to email them and wants to hear from you!
Here are a few hints and tips on building your own opt-in emailing list from. Make sure you ask for email addresses at every point of customer contact and best to offer an incentive.
  • On your company website
  • In a guest book
  • On customer service or support calls
  • On invoices, brochures, customer surveys, feedback forms
  • At tradeshows or events
  • On all social media pages
 When you build a email marketing you should take care how you create links to your website and which words you are going to use inside. We may pay attention on the content text/images, and be careful about the use of HTML and CSS, emkt are opened inside email services (gmail, hotmail, or programs like outlook) so a lot (and almost all!) webdesign features would not work. So it's better if you trust professionals to this job. 
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