Portfolio, a simple way to create: take what you have


Today I would like to talk about creativity.
Now I'm preparing a new website and portfolio.
This work doesn't look so hard to do, you just have to put your past works together and present them together, ok?
Yeah, not so easy, first you have to choose which works really translate your style. It becomes harder when you have a lot of them.
I've chosen the diversity, putting different works, for different campaigns, and for different media or appliance. Obviously, you must put your BEST works.

Finished sorting, you should find an aesthetic for your portfolio. And this have to be really calculated. Visuals too strong will talk more about your work than all the other previous creations.
Too minimalist may show that you're out of creativity.
I've done a few portfolios and this time I wanted to do something that would show the "visual worker way to create".
My theory is based on "the world already has a lot of pictures, let's just pick them and make art", or something like this.
It's very simple, instead of spending ours trying to find the perfect visual, or maybe always doing the same, you may quickly find a solution, just look around you.
Do a copy-paste in a way that it will be yours then.
For example: I started doing my portfolio with lines, but, wtf lines? Anyone can do lines, why lines? It was visually great (not so thaaat great, but pretty).

 So I decided to change direction, I took all the material I have to help me in the creation, separate into groups that match the groups inside my portfolio, took pictures of them with a neutral background, everything in B&W and it's done!
I have a personal unique material, that talks about my work and about my self without letting the design of my previous works "boring".

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