Facebook Marketing: a micro-lesson to help you out

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Today let's talk about marketing and facebook.
Facebook marketing became a profession on its own, you can be a facebook marketer, and lots of companies have this kind of professional working in their teams.
So, what does it means? That you should pay someone to spend all day posting stuff on facebook?

Yeah, it isn't so far, you just should know how to do it and you can have success on facebook without spending too much time.

First let's define, what you CAN DO with facebook as a marketing tool:
-Branding campaign
-Trend research
-Customer relationship
-Amplify recommendations
-Get traffic
-if you're a shop -> sell more!

What you CAN'T DO (or you shouldn't) with facebook as a marketing tool:
-Post too much(it isn't a blog or microblogging like twitter)
-Feeds aggregation
-E-mail (don't replace your email service by facebook, like your emkt)
-Promotional catalog(don't use facebook as a showcase only to sell)

So if you want to get more facebook fans and some result on facebook you need to plan:
-An targeted audience
-Plan promotions (facebook exclusive if you can)
-Content (you should know when and how much are you going to publish

So go on facebook and create your fan page (don't use facebook profiles to your enterprise)
Fill all the fields that means:
URL: do a personal facebook url, and you may refer to your main activity, like a shop can have facebook.com/nicestuffjewelry or facebook.com/haapyshopclothes
if you're not so big enterprise it's better if you do this, so people can identify you're field and SEO tool will rank better.
ABOUT: fill this field with pertinent content, this one will really help you to have a better SEO rank.
And you should complete all the fields.

Fans, how to get more:
First make them know that you have a fan page so make an announce, send a email-marketing, or put a like button on you website.

You should make some interaction with fans, then you get more fans:
-Work on interesting content, do exclusive promotions, do “raffles”, exclusive coupons, prizes for fans, and a special discount on “likes”.

Fans should share your content, so their non-fans friends would se your page, for this you need:
-Make fans special: only produce special content for facebook.

Anyway you should plan the content that you're going to publish that means, publish at least 5 times in a week, but not too much, 5 times in a day for example, if do too much people may unlike you, if you do too little people may forget you.
Don't be too funny, if your page sounds like a joke people wont trust it, it will depend on you business.
Post should have between 100 to 240 characters, like this you have 60% more of shares.

You should use facebook apps to get a more personalized page, i'll talk about one: static html/iframe tab. With this app you can customize your page, chaging its layout, add personal tabs, add your website in facebook, create a page for non-fans and another one only to fans, show content only you get a “like”, or only when you get a form filled. Install the application and go on the settings, you're going to see, it's very simple.
Don't forget to put nice pictures on the profile and timeline.

You can go further on facebook features, but with this basic ones you can already have some result.
Need some help? I'm here to build a facebook marketing strategy, contact me -> visualworker.net/contact/


The importance of having a visual identity


Today I talk about the importance of having a visual identity.

Many small business owners neglect the graphic identity card of their business.

But it conveys the image of the company through various media visible (eg envelopes, press kits).
It is a way to attract the attention of customers, of course, but also establish its reputation and credibility with business partners or institutional.

For a small business, a small business, or even an independent, visual identity can be something very simple, a logo, typography, and color pallete.

But it is essential for your business so the lot, it is unique and recognizable among many others.

The question arises budget from the outset, to open a box with a small capital will not afford 4000fr a simple logo, similar to the associations, and other small intistutions have not really income .

So the choice of the designer is essential, because he must understand that he can make a complete package that is simple, attractive, and inexpensive.

The same applies to the client, he must understand that complexity pays better to have something beautiful, simple (see minimalist) but functional and understandable, rather than creations that require a lot of time and silver.

This last point is especially true for websites. If you do not have the means to produce something very complex, keep it simple and be present at least on the web.

To choose your graphic:

1 - Research: Look around and analyze portfolios of several graphic designers because it is better to entrust the job to someone who does something that you'll possibly enjoy. The designer's style and have the ideal that it agrees with your taste from the start.

2 - Needs: Know exactly what you want, it's very hard to guess the envy of others, and the "surprise me" take a lot of time and energy, if the end result you do not like it ' is wasted. It does not do it 100 times again and do the same thing, sometimes it stops on unimportant details.

3 - The quote: Discuss and ask to end a detailed estimate or a price for the pack, be open to proposals from graphic designer, he has other customers, he knows needs.

4 - The Process: Request to send you regularly extract and answer his mail, he must feel that it is important for you and vice versa, and your opinion is very important, try to be polite and respectful when something you do not like. Trust in your graphic, sometimes your personal taste is not ideal for trade, a professional has studied aesthetics, colors, image playback ...

5 - The result: When you receive the results, give your opinion and do not forget to recommend it to others, one day you may need their services again, and he will thank you by offering you a discount or otherwise, do not forget to freelancer professional network is essential.

If you need graphic services please do not hesitate to contact me: rodrigo@visualworker.net / 078 610 2642 - Geneva - Switzerland

Take a look at my portfolio on www.visualworker.net

See you soon!