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Today I'm coming to talk about a huge domain on internet: education.
Today it's possible to learn almost everything on the net.
You can graduate, post-graduate, or do short courses in whatever you want.
There are thousands of websites proposing paid or free lessons, certified or not.
Some people will prefer to read a lot instead of watching video lessons, others will prefer video presentations or more interactive learning.

Depending on the field you're studying read will be better then hear someone talking.

But when it comes to learning a language the better way is not reading, neither hearing, but practicing.
You can practice in 2 ways, writting, or talking.
When you write you can take your time to think, then correct, when you're talking you should think faster, you don't have time to ask your self if it's right or wrong, you say it in the way it comes, and usually it's right, even if you're not sure.
A good way to practice on internet is doing lessons "one-to-one", via chat, usually skype.
And that's what ABC languages proposes, the website of abclanguages.net was developed by visualworker.net.
Here you a good presentation of this online school that may interest you.


Learning an exotic language with ABCLanguages.net

Most language schools usually offer a basic set of languages, those that are the most popular in the business and private sphere. Most people study French, Spanish or Italian.
But what if you want to study something else? A language that is considered rare and “exotic”? Many people have come upon this problem.

It is nearly impossible to find a private tutor, let alone group classes, of languages such as Swahili or Greek for example.

It is unfortunately very hard to find someone who teaches these languages. So, if you are planning to travel to Kenya, or work in Istanbul, you will probably resign to buying some individual learning method and stop after learning some basic survival phrases.
With ABC Languages, you have the real possibility to study these languages with native speaking, qualified teachers, who come from all over the world!

We offer Chinese, Turkish, Swahili, Greek, French, English and Spanish lessons.

Internet and a webcam give you the extraordinary possibility to study from anywhere and at any-time, distance not being a barrier any longer.

For example, our Chinese teacher Sarah Shao lives in Beijing, and can teach you Mandarin Chinese at any level, from Beginner to Advanced.
Thanks to our online-based Skype lessons, you can study an exotic language from anywhere. It’s effective, interactive and of course, fun!

You can take a trial lesson right now for only 10 euros - click here.

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