corpo(a)terra 2014 - Performance and Dance Festival in Ourense, Galicia


Today I would like to talk about our very good partner, the dance and performance festival corpo(a)terra.
Directed by Begoña Cuquejo and Marta Tejada, corpo(a)terra became the most important performance festival in Galicia - Spain.
The festival is held the 3th, 4th and 5th July in Ourense, Galicia.
During 3 days artists, dancers and performers from all around the world will show their talent on Ourense streets.
corpo(a)terra it's an open festival, if you want to know more about it please go: http://corpoaterra.com/presentacion/

Some of the artists this year:
Proyecto Titoyaya_ Retrato de Oscar Wild Duet_(redacieloabierto)
Fiesta Triple Programa_Cia Ohn
Jesús Rubio_ Stefano&Janet
Fiesta Triple Programa_Concierto Ulobit
El rapto de Europa_ Jesús Rubio ( presentación taller de creación colectiva)
trasPediante_ Tape-Wire
Angela Blanco_ Fume_ (Sección obra de formato largo)

Check all the events on: http://corpoaterra.com/espectaculos/

Visualworker made their fresh new website for 2014, and as we suggest, they are starting the livestream with instagram this year, so if you attend the festival you can take a pic of a performance and upload it on instagram with the hashtag #corpoaterra and the picture will appear on the livestream section of the website: http://corpoaterra.com/livestream/

The website is a collaboration with the great Argentinian designer Paulina Funes http://paulinafunes.wix.com/paulinaotto

I would like to say thank you to all the corpo(a)terra team for the opportunity to go to Galicia and discover this beautiful place and meeting all this very kind people during the conception of the festival's website.

Check the video spot we've done for them, and their full program!

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