Ice-breakrr: the amazing app to find like-minded people

I just discovered a new amazing app, and I would like to share it with you.
Do you know when you go to an event, like a big fair, and you would like to approach people, make contacts, and then, you just don't know how, you don't when, and you don't know what to talk about?
These days are over, with Ice-breakrr you can find interesting people, with the same interests as you, you're going to see those who are close to yourself. What's the big point? If you find someone next to you on Ice-breakrr, it gives you the information you need to start a interesting conversation, and fairs, parties, cocktails, won't be a problem anymore, save your time asking the same boring introductory questions.

But this app allows you to not just connect with a stranger, it also gives you cues to start a conversation - based on your common interests.
It might be very appropriate for professional gatherings like conferences or meetups and also social gathering. Ice-breakrr can be a very powerful marketing tool, allowing you to find professionals near to you, working and interested in the same fields. When you're traveling, for example, you can connect yourself and try to meet professionals with whom you can collaborate.
The user interface is very nice and easy, you won't have troubles to start using the app.


Here is some text abt the company-
Founded in 2014, Ice Breakrr is the only mobile application to provide an instant list of people, you can break the ice and you can start a meaningful conversation. Ice Breakrr connects the dots between profiles across profession and social networks to provide conversation starter information along with location of the person. Break the ice instantly with anyone, anytime and anywhere. Download Ice Breakrr from the iOS and Google Play store..

Here's a video about the app, more information on http://ice-breakrr.com/

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