Import and export food products with THBS Global Traders


Today I would like to talk about a great partner, the THBSGlobal Traders.

THBS is a global company, focus on import/export of food products, but also they propose consulting services for business internationalization, commercial distribution abroad, market analysis and representation.
They first started exporting cachaça from Brazil, and that’s how they into a Global Company, because cachaça is produced only in Brazil, but appreciated all around the world.

They believe in long-term relationships with their clients, because they want to feel close to them and they to build an exchange based on trusting each other.

Active in different countries, the THBS website is in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. Working direct from big economies as Brazil or China.
Their main services are:
Internationalization of Companies, Representation & Commercial Distribution, International Consulting, Market Analysis, Latin America & Europe, Import & Export

THBS Global Traders has a great know how in the field of trading and has modules for partnership of associated consultants. If your company wants to get products to represent in Brazil or want their products to be represented in Europe, do not hesitate to contact them.
They can also represent your company in international Fairs and Events.
Check their website if you want further info:


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