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In this post I would like to share with about a very nice Sales Training Academy, as selling is essential for every business.
Most of my clients are freelancers and small business, so I’m always trying to give them some help on how to promote their business and sell on internet.
But very often I noticed that what they have it’s a lack of know-how on what is “to sell”, and it’s not as simple as it looks.

I’ve been working during 8 years as sales person and promoter. I’ve done several sales training, focused on fields or brands (Apple Sales Training, Canon Sales Training, Telemarketing, How to approach people and eve “Cultural Sales”)

I did this during my studies, and for more 2 years after graduating before becoming a full-time Web Designer.

But I realized that during this time what I was learning was going to be even more important than all my studies in Web Design.
If today I run my own agency, and due to a high demand I even have to refuse requests, it’s because I learned how to sell, I learned how to make contact and I learned how to make people talk about my business. What I do for my business now I was already doing for other brands before, and I need to say, to know how to sell is essential.

So If you want to make your way shorter (8 years of sales practices is a bit long...) and get this know-how, or give this know-how to your team, you should go for The Brevet Group Online Sales Training. Sales is about practicing, but having this theoretical basis will help you and your team, to understand how it works and have better results more quickly.

If you have a team, it’s much better to do an online training than a normal one, (in Apple all the training are online, and I have to say it was much better).

Their Online Sales Training:
Ramp Up Reps Faster
Improve Results
Save Time
Reduce Training Costs
Deploy Easily
Improve Accountability

TheBrevet Group are partnered with the Sales Institute at Florida State University’s College of Business, and will provide you a Certified Brevet.

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