New fresh song: RESH - Darling Sorrow


Today I would like to come back to the arts, I would like to talk a new pop music artist: RESH.
He comes with his new single now, Darling Sorrow, you can see the music video:

He has a sweet agressive voice, which reminds me sometimes Micheal Jakcson, Chris Martin (from Cold Play), and some british artists (just can’t remember the names right now).

His video clip has some 80’s style, but I would call it more the youtube culture, like Madonna did on her video clip “Give it 2 me”. A lot of electro groups uses this aesthethics.

Darling Sorrow is a very nice song, and made me want more, we’ll be waiting for the album ;-)

If you want to follow RESH news, please like her facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/pages/RESH/871725516186446

And visit his website http://www.reshmusic.com

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