Solve your CAPTCHAS with De-captcher.com



Today I would like to share with you a very important service used in SEO: solving captchas codes.

SEO masters have to automate the process of filling forms, to make blog comments or register a website somewhere.
CAPTCHAS codes came to make a “human” barrier, the idea is that only a human could read a captcha, so robots could not automate the task anymore...

Maybe this worked (or still works) but De-captcher.com came to solve your problem (yes you! who need robots doing this!)

They support text and image-based (cats, dogs, circles and triangles etc), their prices are veeery affordable and they speak Russian and English.

They accept direct payments with WebMoney and Bitcoins, and you can do everything anonymously, it can not be better ;-)

What are you waiting for? GO -> http://de-captcher.com/


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