Chameleon Social & Dating Software Script

Today I would like to share with you an incredible tool for those who would like to build a dating website.

Chameleon is a Dating Software that allows you to open your own online dating website business in minutes. They install the software for free and you start using it, you can create a social network for your institution, or anything in between, from dating websites to social networks! You can charge membership fees to your members if you want.

Chameleon has a lot of incredible features as:

Template based software
If you want to change your website all you need to do is upload the new framework (template).

Mobile devices support

3DCity Module
3DCity can be run in an ordinary browser. This is a perfect way of interacting for those who still have fear to see each other in person.

Professionally developed games
The users need something to be attracted by to your website. The studies show that games are the best way to get a user back online.

GEO social networking
Sometimes a user may want to show where he is now. In many online communities, it is as important to know where someone is as it is to know what their background or interests are.

100% open source
The script comes unencrypted, this means you can edit it as you wish and add features.

Payment integration
You can accept payments on the website, usually these are payments for memberships or services.

Multi language support

There are about 15 languages already installed in the package, but you can also add your own language.

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