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Today I'd like to share with you a very useful and interesting web based service I found while surfing the Internet. It’s called www.allBcards.com, a free online business card manager.
As you all know, business cards are still a powerful tool when it comes to build a business and professional network. But, the problem is that we often lose the cards we receive or we don't have the time to organize them.

With allBcards you can upload your business cards to the cloud, and organize and classify them, so you can better remember each one of your contacts. This tool can really help you on your marketing and you will keep in touch with your clients and customers more efficiently. You'll be able to visualize all your cards at a glance, easily find the contacts you're searching for, and it will remind you which one should be contacted again. You'll be able to follow up with your prospects or leads, and grow your business.
allBcards.com is the missing connection between offline and online, digital and virtual. The printed card will be instantly digitalized, and your contact won't be lost.

The service is free and you can also get ideas on how to design your new business card. The guys from allBcards have created a “Complete Guide” to teach you everything you need to know about business cards. And they have amazing infographics! This way, next time you’ll create a new card, you can find there the help you need.

The website is 100% responsive, so you can easily access it on your tablet, smartphone, computer or any other device.

Hope you enjoy it!

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