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Today I would like to share with you the work of a marketeer and web designer, and very good friend, Maria Evteeva, http://evteevamaria.wix.com/mariaevteeva

She has developed a digital marketing for Puro Style, in Palma de Malorca, Spain.
Her marketing activity brought wonderful results, new clients from every places on the island, and has built a customer relationship. Puro style's customers started sharing their new haircut and making a viral marketing activity, specialy on instagram.

More about Puro Style:

Puro Style was born under the commitment to offer customers a unique approach to professional hair care.

A concept that is expressed in multiple ways. They focus on the individual beauty of each person and the welfare of our customers.
A style is not made unique only with a haircut, but with a personalized study of each client.

Analysing the client’s hair structure, choosing a suitable colour technique, applying psychology and overall customer visagism create a perfect harmony for each person.

Fernando Albornoz, Director

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