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Nowadays internet became a big place for business, productivity, marketing, new chances and... stress.
So let's have fun! :D

I come very often here on my blog to talk about nice apps, nice websites and the newest stuff on the web.

But I can't (and I shouldn't) forget that the web can be a big place for fun, to relax, and have a good time.

So today I would like to share with you a nice website to have fun and relax: www.funbrain-games.eu

At Funbrain Games you're going to find lots of games, and they're constantly uploading new games.

You can choose a game by category:
Funbrain Jr
Just for Fun
Math Games
Car Games
Air Games

Or by Latest Games, Most Popular, Most Played, Random Games.

For each game you're going to see how many times it was played on the website, how many likes it has, and comments from other users.

I really like to play the Star Ship Game: http://www.funbrain-games.eu/star-ship-game/

Worm 3D it's also really cooooool: http://www.funbrain-games.eu/worm-3d
Too much talk no? Let's play!!!


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