Security on eCommerce websites



I would like to talk about a very important topic on internet today, and ever: the security on ecommerce.

With the huge increase of sales through internet, and as it became very popular and natural to buy all kind of stuff on the net, the security questions became extremely important.

Cases of security fails on internet already happened a lot in the past and it made internet protocols incredibly change. Even if today customers are not so afraid about using their credit card on the web, we still have the little question in mind, is that website really safe? Especially when we never bought there before.

The same question can be asked by the website owner, is my online store really safe? Security increased, but everyday an incredible mind spends his time trying to steal information and earn money illegally. That's why, a big website will always need to keep an eye on upgrading their security walls, to the new cyber criminals.

For a customer, it's easier to see if he can trust a website or not, even our browsers can alert us.

But for a seller, it may difficult to find if the credit card used on the transaction belong to the buyer, especially if there's a lot of transactions.

So, what to do?

The better thing is to contact people that will this job for you, they will be always trying to be up to date on new security warnings, and we'll better find a problem, discover your security fails and repair it.

On an eCommerce, the store is responsible of the information it saves, and he may have lots of trouble if a cloned credit card is used, because he's supposed to check the credit card owner's ID. In case of a dispute, he should check it after payment and before shipping, so he may do a refund if it's not the real card owner who's using it. And this kind of security check takes money and time.

So it's better to have a check before, on the website itself, anyway, an eCommerce should never have a security problem, it can be become viral, and then, the online store reputation will suffer, making sales go down as customers don't trust it anymore.

For more information about eCommerce security please check this article by FW Warehousing, a great company that works on this field.


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