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This new post is probably going to change your business and the way you promote it and do your customer relationship.

WhatsApp has now more than 700 million active users, so 10% of the earth population is already connected to it. WhatsApp is an instant messaging app for smartphones, it uses the Internet to send text messages, images, video, user location and audio media messages.

Now it became very common to see people chatting non-stop on the phone, sometimes even when you're talking to them face-to-face. With the possibility to create groups with your contacts, and keep a group conversation, with 100 people (this number is probably going to increase).

So you can keep groups with different networks (family, friends, work...). It became so popular that a lot of companies started using WhatsApp to communicate with their costumers, now it's already very common to find a WhatsApp number to a customer care service.

So, how to manage if you have a lot of contacts, and you want to communicate with all of them?
This is going to be pretty hard to do if you don't have an automation tool to send bulk messages on WhatsApp. But don't worry; you're not going to spend hours in front of your phone, sending messages one by one. The solution is very simple, as this tool already exist, it's proposed by Eworld Communication, you can find here their WhatApp marketing tool.

You can include it on your marketing plan, and promote your business very easy, as clients can easily answer to your offer the ROI is really high, don't miss this opportunity.


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