Elegant and luxurious handmade wedding invitations



Today I'm going to share with you an amazing and unique product that I found on internet. Actually, I found it by accident, I'm helping a good friend to prepare her wedding, invitations, decoration and all the stuff (she'll marry in May 2016, it takes more time to organize a wedding than to have a baby.)

So, I discovered pergamonde.com and their amazing wedding cards, with handmade paper, it's luxury, elegant, vintage and personalized.

So, why is it so exceptional? Let me explain:

During our research of the perfect wedding invitation we've found a lot of producers, with different materials, different aspects, between them there are lots of interesting things, as transparent PVC or laser cutting, but... They are all industrial, impersonal, and beautiful but they lack of charm and uniqueness.

Getting married is an exceptional moment in your life, you're going to spend the rest of your life with this person (at least you promise this) so your wedding invitations should communicate this singularity to your guests.

The Handmade paper is a paper made by hand (not by machine) with a mold. It is a layer of fibers entwined together by the natural adhesive properties of cellulose. Handmade paper is entirely natural and it looks like fabric.
So each of your invitations will be unique, special, and beautiful.

Take a look, visit Pergamonde Handmade Wedding Invitations' website.

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