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As you may have seen, I write in 3 different languages here on my blog, english, portuguese and french.

Today I would like to talk a little bit about the third one: french, or like we say in France, “La langue de Molière” (Molière’s language).

French people is very proud of their literature, specially very famous writers from the 19th century.

The first part of the century was dominated by Romanticism, until around the mid-century Realism emerged, at least partly as a reaction. In the last half of the century, "naturalism", "parnassian" poetry, and "symbolism", among other styles, were often competing tendencies at the same time.

So, with a big influence in the world’s literature and, in french society, many quotes from famosus french writers integrated the french language, and became regular expressions, knew by the mass.

Chances are good that you've read or at least heard of these famous French writers.

If you’re planing to learn french, or your just a french language “amateur”, you should learn a few of these french sayings, it can also be very interesting in translating them to english, as we say in french “langue de Shakespeare”, or to another language.

 Many believe French is the language of love. Quotes from French novels, music, and proverbs all illustrate the romance of France, the French way of life, and the French way of thinking.

French songs have also provided many memorable quotes about love.

I found a great website: Quoteshunter.com/french-sayings/ where you can find more of those french sayings, most of time about love and life, c’est l’amour :-)

Literature, has been and continues to be a moving force behind philosophy in France.

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