It's time to wake up with Wake Up Box app!


It's so incredible as our computers and cellphones are replacing all the others gadget we used to have before.

So today I would like to share with you a new browser app that will help you to softly wake up in time.
I'm pretty sure you have a cellphone (or a watch) with an alarm function.

But as you may know, and if you don't know now you know, the sunrise light helps you to wake better. At the sunrise, the light come progressively, so it doesn't shocks you, and your body and mind can slowly wake.

Some big manufacturers already invented sunrise simulators to wake you up, but why should you buy a new gadget, and spend your money, if you already have a computer?
With Wake Up Box you can set your alarm clock: set the time you want to get up, then choose the cool sound you want to hear at the first moment of your day, and let the app works. It will use your computer's screen to simulate the sun light, making it go brighter, and giving you the pleasure to wake up as a baby.

Check it now and wake up with no pain.

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