Get the best ceiling for your home


Today I would like to share about a personal experience. As the landlord of few apartments, I'm always conflicted to construction problems.
Keep my apartments clean and safe to all my renters is very important and it takes a lot of time, but we get used to, as we almost have always the same problems. Infiltration, painting walls, repairing doors and windows, pipe problems...

After a long time working with this, I realized today that a lot of problems comes from the sky, bad roofs and bad ceilings let water from the rain enter, wind and plants, and destroy your building. Very often, repairing a roof or ceiling is much cheaper and easy.

So before you start repairing your home you'd better start search for the root of the problem. Once you get your roof repaired, you can maybe think about change your ceiling.
The texture and the color of the ceiling will make a big change on the ambiance, and depending if it's an office, home or kitchen, you can choose among different materials.

You can find eco ceilings, that the criteria regulates, among other things, emissions, energy consumption, noise level, durability and safety for the user. Blue Angel for example is a German mark that is used on the ceiling, the oldest Eco label.

In Sweden you may find eco ceiling with Rockisol Ceiling AB that is a supplier of ceiling with a long experience in this field. They supply and install suspended ceilings in all types of environments.

Check their website: rockisolundertak.se


Como economizar no seguro

Como o valor de um seguro é calculado


Natural way to lose weight, Plexus Slim Products


Having a nice slim body is really great. Maybe you don't need it to be beautiful, but sometimes it can help you to FEEL beautiful.
Changing the outside to feel better inside can be a solution and you should not be ashamed of it.

No one want to feel fat or ugly, having a nice body is part of a natural willing of health, and I don't think that someone want to feel sick, so being slim is natural, it's the way we should be.

But in this society of consumption, where we're born consumers, and the food is directly associated to a package, it's really hard to stay slim, with marketing people saying inside your head "EAT MORE". Hard to do not listen that voice talks from the within.

But we are stronger!! We're warriors, and we know what's better and we're going to fight until the end, LOSE WEIGHT OR DIE TRYING!!!

So warriors need weapons, and the Plexus Slim is the perfect choice against overweight. It helps to lose this fat belly, and also Plexus Slim  helps keep blood sugar, cholesterol and lipids at healthy levels.

We're not against fat people, it's bad for them, and we need to fight together to make this world become a nicer place, with slim beautiful people.

So, check the web page of Plexus Slim, and discover more about this product that is really incredible and already hop millions of people around the world.


HTC dot view case, protect the screen of your phone and still be able to answer calls



Smartphones are really amazing, it's even hard to remember our lives before it.
But as they get bigger each day, with very impressive screens nowadays (check the first HTC models your going to see the difference with an HTC M8 for ex.) it's very hard to be sure the screen won't break if an accident happens (and it happens to everyone, no exception).

So, easy to solve this problem, you buy a screen protector (not very recommended because you lose touch performance) and you put it inside a case.

And then what happens? Your screen is protected but you cannot see it anymore, really nice...

You need to answer a call quickly, one of your hands is busy, oh god you have to open the case, what terrible idea to protect it? Not anymore, thinking about your comfort and practicality the dot view case for HTC was born.

The dot view case has the advantage that without opening the front cover, you see the time, the air temperature and you can receive notifications. You can answer calls through the One E8, E9+, M8, M9+, Butterfly 2, Desire 820, Desire Eye dot view case.

The back of the cover is made of plastic and the front part of rubberized plastic. So there's no screen inside the case, the dots makes you able to use the touch function of your phone without really touching it. You can check it on htcdotviewcase.com take a look on the videos, and don't hesitate to buy it!


Miami: passear, viver, trabalhar, descubra tudo sobre a cidade



Continuando à falar de lindos lugares para se conhecer, hoje eu gostaria de compartilhar com vocês um lugar já bastante conhecido, mas que está em constante mudança, a famosa cidade de Miami.

Alguns ainda não sabem, mas Miami tem uma enorme comunidade brasileira e latino americana, português e espanhol são línguas extremamente faladas na cidade, mesmo se a Flórida faz parte dos EUA e a língua oficial seja o inglês.

Isso facilita muito quando se quer fazer umas férias americanas e não se fala bem a língua inglesa, pois você sempre encontrará alguém pra te ajudar.

Outra vantagem é para aqueles que querem viver na América, como boa parte do mercado de trabalho é composta por brasileiros, é possível se obter melhores cargos graças a facilidade de comunicação, pois prestadores de serviços e clientes serão todos brazucas.

Miami é um cidade relativamente grande, onde liberdade e beleza natural estão aliadas, você poderá se sentir à vontade para se vestir como você quiser, e fazer o que bem entender.
O clima é relativamente quente o ano todo, como em muitas regiões do Brasil, o que facilita a adaptação.

Se você pretende tirar o visto para visitar ou morar, se você quer mais informações sobre a cidade, documentos na América, como a CNH, ou lugares para se visitar em Miami, acesse http://tudosobremiami.com/

Se você deseja comprar um apartamento, casa ou qualquer outro imóvel em Miami acesse http://tudosobremiami.com/imoveis-em-miami/ o mercado atualmente está muito bom. Comprar imóveis na região de Miami pode ser um ótimo investimento. Existem imobiliárias onde todo o atendimento é feito em português, e que se encarregam de preparar toda a documentação para facilitar a aquisição de imóveis por pessoas que não vivem na América.