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Today I would like to share about a personal experience. As the landlord of few apartments, I'm always conflicted to construction problems.
Keep my apartments clean and safe to all my renters is very important and it takes a lot of time, but we get used to, as we almost have always the same problems. Infiltration, painting walls, repairing doors and windows, pipe problems...

After a long time working with this, I realized today that a lot of problems comes from the sky, bad roofs and bad ceilings let water from the rain enter, wind and plants, and destroy your building. Very often, repairing a roof or ceiling is much cheaper and easy.

So before you start repairing your home you'd better start search for the root of the problem. Once you get your roof repaired, you can maybe think about change your ceiling.
The texture and the color of the ceiling will make a big change on the ambiance, and depending if it's an office, home or kitchen, you can choose among different materials.

You can find eco ceilings, that the criteria regulates, among other things, emissions, energy consumption, noise level, durability and safety for the user. Blue Angel for example is a German mark that is used on the ceiling, the oldest Eco label.

In Sweden you may find eco ceiling with Rockisol Ceiling AB that is a supplier of ceiling with a long experience in this field. They supply and install suspended ceilings in all types of environments.

Check their website: rockisolundertak.se

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