HTC dot view case, protect the screen of your phone and still be able to answer calls



Smartphones are really amazing, it's even hard to remember our lives before it.
But as they get bigger each day, with very impressive screens nowadays (check the first HTC models your going to see the difference with an HTC M8 for ex.) it's very hard to be sure the screen won't break if an accident happens (and it happens to everyone, no exception).

So, easy to solve this problem, you buy a screen protector (not very recommended because you lose touch performance) and you put it inside a case.

And then what happens? Your screen is protected but you cannot see it anymore, really nice...

You need to answer a call quickly, one of your hands is busy, oh god you have to open the case, what terrible idea to protect it? Not anymore, thinking about your comfort and practicality the dot view case for HTC was born.

The dot view case has the advantage that without opening the front cover, you see the time, the air temperature and you can receive notifications. You can answer calls through the One E8, E9+, M8, M9+, Butterfly 2, Desire 820, Desire Eye dot view case.

The back of the cover is made of plastic and the front part of rubberized plastic. So there's no screen inside the case, the dots makes you able to use the touch function of your phone without really touching it. You can check it on htcdotviewcase.com take a look on the videos, and don't hesitate to buy it!

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