How to access blocked websites to your country



Today I would like to share with you a great information, that will probably change your entertainment life.

A lot of entertainment websites (mostly media streaming or TV channels) as Netflix, MTV, Fox, NBC, VEVO, Disney, Sky for example, are blocked for users that are not located in the hometown country.

For example if you would like to watch series that are only available on Netflix US, and you're not in USA, you might not have access to this content that's available only for Americans -_-

In some countries it maybe very boring to have an apple TV for example, as almost everything is blocked, unfortunately internet is not a free place anymore, as 10 years ago.

But there's a very simple way to access blocked websites, if you have a Smart DNS, you may unblockwebsite in a very easy way.

"You can sign up for a 14 day free trial for smart DNS, which unblocks websites for you depending on the device you are going to access it with

So, if you are fan of movies, TV series, comedies, sports and whatever you can watch on TV or on media streaming websites, you may check this amazing solution to access this worldwide content with no restrictions!

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