3 Best android music player




If you have an android device you probably know that you can play music with it.
But the built-in android music players are not so that good, if you download an application for your android device you can get extra functions that will change the way of listening to music. Get the best android music player.

Poweramp: the best to output your music and about handling any file type you throw at it. FLAC formats tend to be the preferred format for storing audio without losing any quality, but listen to a FLAC file on a mobile device can be tricky. Poweramp can play FLAC files and less common files like OGG, WMA, ALAC, and much others.

Shuttle Music Player: comes with a drop dead interface that features bold colours, intuitive controls, and smooth transitions. And with lots of features, such  a 6-step equalizer, Last.fm scrobbling, gapless playback, lyrics support, and built-in editor for song's metadata.

N7Player: comes with a multi-touch, zoomable music interface, with modular player screen that's has been designed to be displayed in portrait or landscape mode. Home widgets and lock screen controls, lyric look-up, a tag editor and more features with this nice app for music lovers.

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