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Keeping data safe is a big challenge since always. Before computers, man tried to develop the better ways to keep documents as long as we can. We developed paper, trying to obtain long life ink, and in the same way we tried to keep photos as long as possible, with long-life photo papers. In the same way, the places where documents were kept were developed to be safe from fire, flood, moisture, and anything that could destroy it.

So since we have computers we started saving documents in different memories (disquettes, cd-roms, usb sticks...)
But all this effort of backup is very fastidious, so with advance of internet, and servers offering more and more virtual space, it became very common to keep files on a remote server on internet.

The files that are kept "on the web" are in fact stored in physical servers (a computer with a hard disk connected to the web and accessible 24/24h). We decide to call this backup method the "cloud computing" so all the data (backup and data that is still in use) is stored on internet.

But this doesn't really secure your file, as if the server is destroyed (like, the computer with your files burns) you're going to lose all.
And it can also be hacked and your files erased. So very serious severs will be multiplied, your backup will remain somewhere, this backup will be backed up and sent to another 1 or 2 servers, so that we can say that your data is safe.

So, the big job when backing up is to choose files, send them (or make a physical backup) and them storing the backup.
Thanks god we have backup softwares to this for us, like Immortalfiles. Its software will support file per file backup with flexible backup rules. It works with any backup server, like Google Drive, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, or OpenStack Swift...

You set it up and them let the magic comes.

You can have the backup application for mac or windows. You will be also able to clone all your files to a USB, eSata, or FireWire external drive to reduce risks of media damage.

The encryption is very important too, as your data should stay safe, for this, with Immortalfiles you may encrypt all data located on a remote storage or on an external USB, FireWire, eSata drive.
Take a tour on immortalfiles and discover this greay software.

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