IPTV, the standard to receive television from the internet


Let's talk about IPTV. IPTV is the standard to receive television from the internet. All what you need to receive is a computer, the right software and an internet connection. Otherwise you also can receive with a set-top-box, there are already many companies that offer you IPTV. The DVB standard for IPTV is DVB-IPTV. But now you may ask "Why should I use IPTV?".

IPTV gives you amazing possibilities to interact whit your tv-programm. I found a great box in internet, the name is Easybox. It's amazing, with this box you can receive hundreds of channels in  many different languages. 

Portuguese channels as Globo, Record, SBT, Rede TV, and so on, or french channels as TF1, M6, TV5 Monde, FR2, FR3 and on and on.

Its so easy to install it. Just connect whit your router and your TV, and its already done. Now you enjoy your favorite TV channels all over the world. Do you want to see a nice movie on a boring Sunday? No problems, Easybox offers you a lot of nice movies in their big library. Also you can hear music, play games and there nice programs for kids too. And Youtube is pre-installed in the box, that mean you can see now all the nice videos on your TV screen. Whit Easybox you get really high quality, in all tests I found they where the best, check yourself on www.testkingz.com. But now its time to go ahead and try yourself. Go to Easybox.tv and start to enjoy.

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