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Today I would like to share an application that I use everyday to control my working time.  This app is very useful when you have to work in team on different projects, or remotely, or even freelancing (alone) it can be very productive to have a concrete idea of ​​the time you have spent on a specific task, or the total time you spend on a project.

This will allow you to better estimate the cost of your work, and the price of a project, and to see how fast you advance in your jobs.

When working as freelancer it's very important, because you do not have a boss to fix you hours or ask you to work on a project or another.

When working as a team this is also crucial to monitor the time each team member in his assigned tasks.

The management of working time allows you to be more productive, to better manage your current projects, and better invoice your tasks. You can also propose your customers to pay your work hourly rather than per project. For this you need a
automated time tracking software.

I was searching on internet a
time tracking software that allows a maximum of functions and which is compatible with different operating systems (Mac OS and Windows at least), I chose to work at TimeCamp for Visualworker, the best time managementsoftware.

With TimeCamp you have the tools:

Timesheets graphics: it works as a calendar for tasks
Projects and tasks: Organize and create a hierarchy of tasks
Rules: Assign a specific time for each task
Manual entry of timesheets
Manual Timer: Check the exact time
Applications for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu
To do lists: You can approve, finalize and others.
Groups: Define rights by team
Users managements: Set access and user rights
Integrations: With other apps, such as Trello, Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker, MS Outlook
Invoicing: you can even create invoices

Highly recommended!

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