Increase your productivity by tracking your working time.


Coming back to talk about work and productivity.

As you know, when you run a company, or when you work as freelancer you have to know how to charge your clients for your service.

Sometimes it can be very easy use market standards prices.
But in the creative, and I.T. field it can be very tricky, sometimes you finish by regretting some jobs you accepted, as they seemed to be easily and quickly done, and you spend much more time.

So the best way to know how to apply prices to your services is knowing how much time you spend doing it. And how can you do it?
Simply, track your work time, even if you’re not going to charge your client by the time you already spent.

The easiest way for, and for all those who work in front of a computer is to install a time tracker. I'm using TimeCamp, because for it's the best and short example of this kind of software

So with Timecamp (and with the others trackers it will be very similar) you can create tasks inside your system, you download and app, install it and its available all the time, each time you change of task you just have to change it there.

I can create the main task which is my client, and secondary tasks for each project I have with them. 
Then all this data is sent to their database, and I can consult it on their website, and also enter manually time I've spent.

This tracked time can be used to generate reports on the website, and event generate bills which I can send to my clients if I work in an hourly paid offer.

In my case, I needed an app running on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and I could try it for free, but you have a lot more of options with Pro version, like integration with other third party services, like basecamp, Freshdesk, Quickbooks, Zendesk and more.

Here the way it looks:

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