Convertible cars, the coolest ones!


Cars are essential in our lives, and depending where you live, you must have one to survive.
But they're also on object of desire, which can show a bit of your personality and lifestyle.

On this post I would like to talk about my next acquisition, a convertible car!

I'm not a big fan of cars, but I think that's important to have a nice one, that you really like, cause a car it's like a second home.
Where I live it's very sunny and hot almost all the year, and I really like to take the road and feel the air flowing into the car, it brings me this sensation of high speed, it makes me realize how fast I'm really going with my car.

The wind on my face, the sound of the movement and exteriors sounds, that's amazing. That's why my next car will a convertible (also known as cabriolet).

The old-style ones are amazing, vintage cars are a big luxury. But new ones didn't lose all this charm. So there are two actual models that I find elegant and contemporary.

The Mazda-MX5, tiny and elegant, more affordable, the roof stows manually, and the new design is an interpretation of the latest Kodo design language.

The Porsche Boxster is a very interesting choice too. With a very competitive price, and with all the Porsche unique style, bigger inside than other models, Boxster will be my first choice.

It doesn't matter how; I'll get my convertible car this year!
But for any of those cars one thing may be essential (specially if you have lot of friends or children) you must buy a Windblox convertible windscreens.

The driver and the "co-pilot" let's say, both are protected by the front glass screen.
But the guys behind? Should the eat butterflies?

The windscreen will reduce the wind on your passengers.
But it's not only interesting for them, even if you are only two in the car, it blocks part of the wind, so ladies won't have so much wind on their hair, and gentlemen will receive lass air masses on their necks.

The windscreens became a way to give you're very personal touch to your car. As they are mostly made on acrylic, it's possible to grave your logo, or another design you want. You can choose the way the shape will be cut and you can also add some extras, as LED lights.

When I get my convertible, the windscreen will be my first accessory!

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