4 Tips to pay your taxes on 2016 without becoming crazy!


We approaching the ending of March and the same yearly question comes about taxes, how much am I going to pay?

We all know that this day will come once in the year, and we all know that we should be prepared for this moment. Preparing can take many senses when we talk about taxes so let's see all you can do before getting to this moment.

1) Save money: Each year is very important to save the money for the taxes. We all forget to this, because it's some kind of projection, something so far that we don't care. We always have something else to do with our money, something to buy, some place to go, some event to celebrate, some urgent need, some accident, some friend that needs help, we all have this. So that's why, in the urgency of our contemporary world, it became very hard to think about the future, and think that what you get now it is probably going to miss soon.
We receive everyday tons of messages, making us spent our money, but no one says that we should keep this money to pay our taxes.

2) Keep calm: Even if you have a lot to pay and no money you should not start stressing with this situation. This happens to all of us, and we should all pay taxes it doesn't matter when. Money flows today, and we have to think about solutions and not focus on the problem.
So if you're out of money and you have huge taxes to pay, just breathe and think about a way how to get this money, creativity works better under oppression, and this will be the time you need to be very creative.

3) Make a proper declaration: Are you sure you declare everything as it should be? So during the year try to track your transactions and expenses, it's very important to know where your money goes and from where it comes, if you keep all this data you can maybe try to manage a solution that’s...

4)... Be refunded!
And yeah, depending on your expenses and other settings you can pay lower taxes or even be refunded from those you already paid, so take care, look deep to what you're doing with money and be clever! We can always find a way to get out of a problem! Tax refund 2016

If you have questions leave your comment here and we'll try to help you!

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