5 tips on how to browse internet anonymously


Internet became essential in our lives, and a lot of our information goes through it, personal, professional, confidential and on... So you may know that all the data that is received and sent on internet can in someway be controlled, nothing never really disappear on internet, there's always a copy, a backup, a log, or something else to prove that you've written, done, or seen something.
Do you remember this Facebook account you deleted? Try to open it again, and BAM! Somewhere it was never really deleted. And this email account you stopped using? Reactivate it and it's still there all your messages.

So how to be sure that you can privately see all the content you want without being tracked all the time (something that I really hate is when I open my Gmail and I see that Facebook is reading my mails to choose the ads I'm going to see). Read here 5 tips to surf on the web privately:

1) Use a VPN: VPN (virtual private network) is a service which will somehow hide your IP, it stays between you and the internet, all your data you pass first by the VPN and then to the web, that means websites will identify the VPN service and not you. The VPN service won't keep any of your data (no cookie, no log, no nothing) so no one will be able to come back to you through the IP address.

There's a lot of VPN services to choose, you can find even free one which come with ads, but they are very slow. I won't make you waste your time, and I'll give you the best which is https://provpnaccounts.com/
Their 3 Month Special pass is just perfect, but if you need more solutions you can always take their Gold World Pass.
This kind of service is just perfect if you want to access BBC + iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, and more. Their service include a secure connection with High grade encryption standard for OpenVPN & PPTP which will keep away from being Tracked by your government or other.
It will Hides your true location including IP, country, ISP info and will pass sensitive information anonymously.

2) Search anonymously: Instead of using Google which tracks each single bit you search, use Duckduckgo.com

3) Block all trackers: Every website has cookies trackers to track your activity on their website, block this trackers using an anti-tracker like the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Privacy Badger, Ghostery, or Disconnect.

4) Use a deep web browser: If you really need to be deeply anonymous try TOR browser and another deep web tools (you need to go on first layers of deep web to get to know them).

5) Use digital currency: If you don't want to have your transactions tracked you should use a digital currency like BitCoin, there is ways to get real money them without being tracked by anyone.

All those tools are legal and you can use them with no problems, what matters is what you do.

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