Corel's, the lifestyle magazine you should follow


Today I would like to share with you an amazing blog I really like to read and follow.
On my blog I feel free to talk about any subject. But I talk very often about business, design and technology.

But some bloggers have a great way to talk about every subject that is related to our everyday life, writing interesting post, that you really take your time to read with a lot of pleasure, and you can also learn with this.

Corelmag.com is one of these great writers. With a colorful website, you feel fresh already arriving on it! Corel is woman, in her 30s that has a husband and two kids.  She lives in Newcastle, a city located on the north of Sydney and she loves spending time baking and playing in the sea.

She wrote very nice posts that can really help everyone to have better funny life.
For example, The Veggie Patch, where she explains how she made her children vegetables, stimulating them and making it more fun, she planted some vegs with them, and they were very excited by seeing the plants grow. Someway she changed the perception that her children had from vegetables, and she was able to make them love plants and be happy of eating them.

Greta heart Corel, talking about her life she will inspire you, to enjoy life, your family, friends, and spend your time doing things that you really like and that really matters. We should not spend a lifetime waiting for the time to be happy, happiness starts now, we should go and take it, no more waiting, just go for it, feel free, feel like Corel, a little sunshine for those she reaches everyday.

Go on Corelmag.com , read it, get inspired but it, comment it, and let Corel magic enter in you life. The world is plenty of people complaining about it, it's just great to know that there people like Corel which loves life.

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