Make your home better and pay less taxes


So in the last post I talked about taxes and how to pay them this year.
I mentioned that you can declare where you did spend your money, and then you can maybe get refunded.

So here I would like to talk about this a bit more, because getting refunded can be a very nice way to spend the money which would go to your taxes somewhere else.
Nowadays having a house it's not so that easy, houses needs regular maintenance, even if you don't pay a rent you still need to spend some money with your house, the place where you live. Another fact is that we always want to make our home better, and a nice home is something that you can be proud, like the reflection of yourself.

If you have a carpet, you may know that it can get dirty, break and simply old with the time and usage. You should care of carpet, don't let it try, don't move heavy objects on it, and try to not walk with dirty shoes or dirty feet on it. But you may have problems anyway, life is like this, and it's almost impossible to keep a carpet completely clean all the time. Son if you need to repair a carpet don't be afraid with the price, don't try to hide this little hole putting a sofa or another furniture over it. If it's really dirty, pay a professional to clean it, if it's really broken, pay someone to repair it, and those expenses are saw as repairs by IRS, at same time you spend money with it, you're going to save money further!

Are your windows broken?
Everyone has this thirteen years old neighbor who will thrown a ball on the glass of our window and break it. If the glass of your windows a broken don't try to ignore it put some paper and hiding it with curtains and big plants outside. Simply buy new glasses and repair it, a proper home means a healthy life. Repaired glasses are also seen as repairs by IRS.

Air ducts are not working properly?
It's very important to keep air ducts working, having fresh air inside your home is essential. So don't invent new ways to bring air to your home, using plastic bags or whatever solution you would find this time, simply repair and clean it, this too, it considered repairs by IRS.

Need more information about home repairs and tax refund?
Check this article and use your money with no fear:

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