Plants easy to grow and gardening tips


We're changing of season, as it always happens each year. Weather is constantly changing, and that's wonderful, so you can enjoy different temperatures during all the year.

In Europe now it's the beginning of spring, for me it's the best moment in the year, we move from cold winter, to a suddenly colourful landscape, with leafs, flower, birds, butterflies and much more.

It's also the best moment to start replanting a garden or taking care of indoors plants. Even if you have just a little balcony you can already grow some beautiful plants. Depending on the conditions of the place you're going to plant, and what you're going to grow, it will require more or less time from yourself. Gardening can be a big passion, or only a little hobby, but I think that for everyone it works like a therapy, and it is really important to spend some time on your life to grow plants. It makes you connect back with our basis, the life, the growth, the earth that we belong and from where we come.

So, I cannot make a complete post about gardening, but here I'll try to give you some tips about plants easy to take care, and that can fit everywhere, so if you're busy like me, it won't take all of your time.

Plants easy to keep:
1 - Cactus: they are the best one I think for those who don't have time to really take care, you just have to put some times water, and if you forget, they will take very long to die, and you can always put some water again and they will probably reborn. I like the little ones, but big ones are very beautiful too. The power that this plant brings to your home it's so nice, this aesthetic, beautiful but aggressive, this look likes me ;-)

2 - Bonsai: This miniature of plants is very cute, and you can have it everywhere in your home. As they are already "big plants" when you buy, they are less fragile, but depending on which one you buy, you really don't need to care a lot.

If you have a garden, you should take care about how big the plant you're going to put can be. The roots can grow a lot and even go under de houses floor or go to unwanted places.

In this case I advise you to buy a root barrier and prepare your garden for the future of your plants root. It's not so that difficult to make a barrier using this kind of tree barrier rolls.

If you need plants or garden material check the website: http://best4garden.co.uk/

Let me know what kind of plants you like! Let your comment here, I'll answer very soon!

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