The Best android mobile Phones and how our lives became ephemeral



The post of today is about a subject that I’ve written already before, android cellphones, maybe I didn’t write about it but about apps, it doesn’t matter, let’s say I’m writing again, because anyway, you should always talk about it, there’s always a new one.

So, a post about cellphones, how can I talk about the best ones, did I try it? No but someone else did, like this post about best androidmobile Phones. Mobile phones are today more than just phones, they become like the personal assistant.

Every time you go out, you take it, every time you at home, you know where it is, because you don’t only use for making calls, but you can use it for hundreds thousands purposes. And what happens if you lose it? OMG it’s the end of world!
How can I survive one day without WhatsApp? Without taking pictures everyday of something different, from my everyday life. How to handle all this with my partner, my smartphone?

Sometimes it’s so natural to send a picture to your husband asking him if he wants Heineken or Budweiser, when you are in the supermarket that you even forget that few years ago (maybe 15 now) the simple fact of taking a picture was not so regular and unrevealing.

Now taking pictures with an android device, with 8 mp gives you the possibility to see it on the screen, change it, assemble with other pics, share it, print it, and easily erase it as it never existed.
Instead of describing something, simply shoot it, and then forget, pictures ore documents anymore, but they are more like spoken words, only exists on short period of time until it disappears from the memories of people who saw it.
The same for the videos, with applications like Snapchat, it won’t last more the time we see it.
Theses media became ephemeral.

So maybe the relationships became like this too.
Now it’s so easy to find someone when you go to Tinder and search for any kind of exchange, welcome to boys and girl’s supermarket. So easy you get a boyfriend, easy you can send him to the hell and find another one. We are walking towards an intolerant society.

But try to remember these 15 years ago, we didn’t have all this, and relationships were more solid. We were not tracked all the time, no one could know and asked for your position all the time.
We got used to be observed, tracked down. I can remember the 90’s, but a lot of teenagers today were born already in this hyper communicative world. So they won’t think that relationships became ephemeral, because the way it is today it’s normal for them.

I’m not telling you it’s good or bad to life today, better or worse, just talking about a fact, how our society is changing fast, and we just try to follow it. So when it comes to talk about the best mobile phones, you can try, try them all, ask for advices from different people, but cellphones became so personal that it’s hard to find which one matches yourself.

Anyway keep reading about on this post about mobile phone and find what you need:

But today cellphone is the indispensable thing, and how is it going to be in the future, what accessory is it going to be on trend? Neural reader and transmitter?

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