Be part of the history of internet


Today's post is about a very interesting and ambitious project, a mix of history, advertising, and human ambition.

3 Million Dollar Homepage is a 1000x1000 pixel grid with only 1 million pixels available. The pixels are sold by squares of 10x10 pixels, each pixel costs 3 dollars, what makes 300 dollars per square. So after buying those pixels you can place your ads inside those pixels, and this page will be kept for 20 years.

The ads will be placed only when all the pixels will be sold. And this will allow you to enter to web history, and the website will be online for almost forever, with no Google ads or any kind of ads.

We're living a new revolutionary era, World's population is exponentially increasing, in 2020 we're going to be more the 10 billion on earth, and what was a little project 20 years ago already became the most important tool that we have ever had: internet.

In a few years we're going to be more than 5 billion connected on the global network. The communication today made that global changes are getting faster everyday. This is bringing our society to another level, where information is shared from one to billion in few clicks.

Moments are constantly being recorded and shared on the web. The amount information being produced, shared and stocked is just impossible to be counted. In a such big movement, it became very hard to be more than just a grain of sand.

And its at this place where the 3 Million Dollar Homepage make the difference. 

So if you want to take part in this, be part of the history of internet, have your brand, your name, or whatever you want, written in the stars of the web probably until the end of human being on earth; you should go on 3 Million Dollar Homepage and buy your pixels, as many as you want.

Pixels are limited, they are finishing, and you're not going to lose this opportunity, go -> http://www.3milliondollarhomepage.com/

So be part of this now and join the 3 Million Dollar Homepage.