Rodrigo Conceicao

I'm a Art Director and Marketing Consultant, among my skills:
Develop dynamic websites with HMTL, CSS, Javascript and PHP. Create Wordpress themes and implement wordpress plugins.Design web user interfaces for a better user experience. Good knowledge of SEO practices and social networks. Video post-production and filming. Create graphics for printed or electronic media. Prepare printed editions as books or brochures.

I have started my studies at the University of Art and Design, in Geneva, where I have obtained my Bachelor in Visual Arts in July 2011.

This degree has given me solid bases in visual conception and the development of the creative thinking.

I have followed an intensive training of Multimedia Certified Web Designer, in a recognized Adobe center (ENG DTP). This way I was able to develop my skills with Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash and the web standards.

I have continued my training doing online lessons at Treinaweb, where I have gained bases in programming languages, as well as Wordpress theme creation and SEO technics.
I started working as a freelancer under the label Visual Worker, and this experience has allowed me to develop my skills in communication, marketing and management.

I got specialized in web site creation with the Wordpress CMS, you can see my last works by consulting my portfolio. or

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